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Not sure where to start cleaning up your eating? Here's how!

Not sure where to start cleaning up your eating? Here's how... One easy task.

Don't feel lost anymore. I want to help you make the first step EASY!

So here it is, the first step is: FOOD JOURNALING!!!

Not only will the process open your eyes to habits you might not realize you have, but it will allow an expert take a look and offer guidance. So BE HONEST, and DON'T CHANGE YOUR ROUTINE DURING THE FOOD JOURNALING PROCESS. 

Journal for at least one whole week and then take a look at your patterns and habits, and you may be surprised at what you find! Not only will you start to think smarter and eat cleaner, you'll develop a new mindfulness with food!

Here's how you get started...

Everyday write down what you eat, how much you eat, and when. Include what you drink (including water), and how much sleep you get. Also include your workouts (duration, type, etc). It's as simple as that. Take a look at what you see and I can guarantee you'll learn something.

This is the first thing that I have all my clients who are serious about making healthy diet changes do and it has amazing results every time. I don't encourage people to just lose weight, I encourage them to start small and make healthful changes that will not only make them shed pounds, but that will make them healthier and happier human beings, inside and out!