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Mahalo Waikiki Magazine for featuring Pilates O Ka La!


By Rasa Fournier

November, 2014 Issue

Find Yoga and Pilates classes across Waikiki to get your body and mind in shape

Vacation in Hawai'i entails plenty of swimming and sightseeing, but we all know vat action also means tantalizing treats and meals beckoning from every street corner. Thanks to a thriving trend toward health and fitness, the Aloha State offers ample and unique ways to stay in shape while away from home. Pilates at the base of Diamond Head? You get. Yoga on a jungle path or right on the sands of Waikiki... or even while floating on the ocean? Yes, we've got that, too. Whether you're an exercise junkie or just want to check out something new, O'ahu has it all.

Pilates O Ka La

Look into the window, and the hill you see directly across the street is Diamond Head. Something about the sight of that landmark makes an intense series of bends and lifts at Chelsea Peck's new Pilates studio much more dupable. O Ka La ("Of the Sun"), caters to individual or duo sessions, and Peck has a knack for zeroing in on the abs, glutes, or any other problem areas, giving you a workout that leaves you deliciously sore in all the right places. After eight years in LA's big city entertainment industry, Peck moved back home to do what she really loves. An avid fitness enthusiast since childhood, she is also a personal trainer and yoga instructor. "Pilates incorporates a lot of the same 'East meets West' principles as yoga, with that mind-body connection, so it's really at home in Hawai'i," Peck notes. 

Her studio is nestled into a corner of Waikiki that has that perfect ting and yang mix of a quiet neighborhood setting, but with just enough cosmopolitan excitement in the form of trendy cafes and shops.

"This was my dream area for a studio and I'm living my dream," Peck beams.

3150 Monsarrat Ave, Ste 202

(808) 772-3172


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Pilates 8 Movement Principles...

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This week I'd like to share with you a little Pilates knowledge to help you get even more out of your Pilates Practice. 


And please feel free to ask any questions or share with friends!


Pilates 8 Movement Principles:


The movement principles are elements that are present in the successful performance of all the Pilates exercises: 


1. BREATHING: Breathing promotes natural body movement, tones our respiratory muscles, & improves the flow of oxygen throughout our tissues. It also helps us bring our wandering mind back into our bodies in order to focus on the task at hand, promoting mind-body awareness.


2. CONCENTRATION: You will get more benefit if you really focus on what you are doing. As Joesph Pilates often said: "It is better to do 5 repetitions perfectly than 20 without paying attention."


3. CONTROL: Have the proper form & alignment, & use only the necessary muscles and effort for each movement.


4. CENTERING: This is what sets Pilates apart from other fitness methods. In Pilates all movement radiates outward from the center of the body (your "core", or "powerhouse"). All of your power is generated from your center - which we define as your abdominals, lower back, and pelvis. Not only do we develop strength in these areas, but we create stability & flexibility!


5. PRECISION: Exact, defined, specific, & intentional movement is necessary for correct form.


6. BALANCED MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT: Strengthening weaker muscles and stretching the over-worked ones creates more efficient movement, proper joint mechanics, & a more balanced body.


7. RHYTHM: All movements in Pilates are performed with a certain rhythm, or flow. It decreases stress placed on our joints and develops movement patterns that integrate our body into a smoothly moving whole.


8. WHOLE BODY MOVEMENT: Pilates is fundamentally about integrating your mind & body. By working your whole body efficiently, with all the above principles, you will attain a strong mind/body connection, creating better health & happiness!


 Copyright Pilates O Ka La, adapted from The PMA Study Guide, & Balanced Body Inc. Manual


ARE YOU PREGNANT OR A NEW MOM? Pilates is absolutely the best exercise during and after your pregnancy. Your normal Pilates routine can be easily modified, you can relieve pregnancy discomfort, and strengthen your deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles comfortably on the Pilates apparatus.  Contact the studio for a complimentary consultation: 808-772-3172, or studio@pilatesokala.com!