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Duo Session anyone? Having a partner can increase your success rate!

For those of you out there that are looking to make your new years resolution stick throughout the year, DUO SESSIONS may be the ticket. At Pilates O Ka La many couples, friends, and families have found it incredibly helpful to stay motivated with a partner. Here's an article proving why...

Want to get healthy? Having a partner can increase your success rate

(CNN) - Want to double your chances of success in making a positive lifestyle change? Just add a loved one.

Researchers at University College London found that couples who adopted a new and positive health behavior were more successful than those doing it on their own.

For the study, researchers followed nearly 4,000 married and cohabitating couples, and studied their unhealthy habits in three areas: smoking, obesity and physical activity.

They found 48 percent of men were able to stop smoking if their partner also quit. Compare that to just 8 percent who had partners who did not quit.

For women, the success rate was half.

When it came to physical activity, both men and women had about a 66 percent success rate starting an exercise routine with their partner versus about 24-percent if they started alone.

And 36 percent of women lost weight if their partners joined them in a weight loss plan, compared to 15 percent without a supportive partner.

The men had a 26 percent success rate with a partner and 10-percent losing weight alone.

It's unclear why the relationship matters, but having some support, or a dose of plain ole healthy competition, may just be enough to put you over the edge.

The study is published in the latest edition of the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

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One HOT workout minute...

In case you missed it in our newsletter:



A fitness tip: make sure you're "squeezing properly" & engaging the correct part of the muscle.


If you don't do this already, you're about to grow leaps & bounds!

 1) When engaging your abdominals, you want to think about drawing the area 2" below your navel in, NOT sucking in from your navel. Envision trying to put on a pair of pants that are too tight - that muscle is your Transversus Abdominus - your deepest ab muscle. THAT'S the one that we focus on in Pilates; that's the one that best supports your spine, pelvis, & good posture.


2) When squeezing your glute muscles (okole) - think about aiming for engaging in the area at the top of your leg/bottom of your okole, NOT up by your tailbone/low back (this compresses the nerves in the area and can lead to a pinching sensation). Think about this when doing anything from your footwork, to "Going up Front" (pictured above) on the Wunda Chair.