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Chelsea Peck, Owner & Instructor

chelsea peck pilates instructor

Chelsea Peck started practicing Yoga at age 9, instantly seeing the benefit of mental clarity through physical control. This concept has permeated throughout her life, and Pilates was the natural destination.

Chelsea Peck is a Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Certified Instructor, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and Ashtanga/Vinyasa Yoga Instructor. With this broad base of knowledge she is able to create inventive, interdisciplinary workouts, keeping students on their toes. 

As a Pilates Instructor, Chelsea focuses on helping her clients develop deep core strength, effortless posture, and proper alignment through the classical Pilates Method. As a Personal Trainer Chelsea specializes in incorporating cardio training and proper nutrition into her clients lives. As a Yogi, she teaches breathing, meditation, and cultivating the mind-body connection. Her holistic approach to total health and wellness is what sets her apart from other instructors.

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Chelsea grew up both on the West Coast and in Honolulu dancing ballet, hula, belly dance, and West African dance. In addition to her Pilates obsession, she’s also a runner, hiker, cycler, yogi, surfer, and swimmer.

Chelsea has traveled the world, ending up in California where she earned a BA in Political Studies and International and Intercultural Studies from Pitzer College, as well as certificates through The School for International Training (SIT), and UCLA.  It was in college at Pitzer where she first became obsessed with Pilates and the immediate results it offered her, but continued on to pursue a career in the entertainment industry as DP of a film studio, and Artist Development Manager at a Music Management Company. 

After deciding that she wanted a career that she truly enjoyed, she left her office jobs and became one of the first Pilates teachers certified through the Pilates Place teacher-training program, and soon after earned her personal training and yoga certifications. 

At Pilates Place, Chelsea was trained in both the Classical and Contemporary/West-Coast Pilates styles. Her specialties include: Pre- & Post-Natal, Sports Conditioning, Teens, and Classical Mat Pilates. Clients have described her as perceptive, precise, determined, and thoughtful. Her workouts are always challenging and insightful, with impeccable sequencing and upward progression.

She thrives on challenging clients to work hard, think about fitness differently, and feel amazing! As Joseph Pilates famously said: “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”. For Chelsea, health and fitness training allows her to help clients find their own genuine happiness.

After years of preparation, Chelsea relocated back home to Honolulu in 2013, and launched ‘Pilates O Ka La’ in June of 2014. She is thrilled to bring a new kind of fitness studio home to Honolulu.

In 2016 Chelsea partnered with the Surfjack Hotel in Waikiki to offer "Penthouse Pilates", a sunset Pilates mat class at the hotel which has become one of Honolulu's hottest fitness events, happening every 3rd Thursday.

In 2017, Chelsea became a Lululemon Ambassador for the Waikiki store & continues to popularize Pilates on O'ahu.


Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Instructor Certification

Pilates Place 450 Hour Instructor Certification (Mat, All Pilates Apparatus, Pre- & Post-Natal, Special Conditions)

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Personal Trainer Certification

Yoga Collective 200 Hour Yoga Instructor Certification

Yogaworks Pre-Natal Yoga Instructor Certification

BA from Pitzer College: Political Studies & International & Intercultural Studies, French Minor

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Christina Black, Instructor


Born here in Hawaii, Christina Black has always embraced an active and artistic lifestyle. After graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering she decided to move to New York City to pursue dance professionally. Various injuries led her to discover her love of Pilates and in 2013 she earned her Comprehensive Certification from Balanced Body in New York. In Los Angeles, she expanded her training to include the Redcord Suspension System. She loves motivating and challenging her clients to reach higher levels of physical and mental well-being. She’s worked with athletic individuals seeking a balanced workout to clients with various injuries to prenatal and postnatal women to Multiple Sclerosis, early-onset Alzheimer's, Scoliosis, and patients recovering from a Stroke. She is thrilled to bring her Pilates knowledge back to the islands and hopes to inspire her clients through movement, alignment, and breath.



Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Certification

Redcord Suspension System Instructor Certification 

Heidi Revay, Instructor

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Heidi is a California native, born in LA.  Living a holistic life and helping others do the same is Heidi's passion and purpose.  Movement, breath, and meditation have evolved as her primary go to for all of life's experiences.  She has always had a love affair with fitness, but found her calling when she was introduced to Pilates in 2005.  She quickly signed up for Pilates Mat and Equipment certification while living in San Diego.  She also teaches vinyasa yoga, barre and TRX.  Her most recent endeavor is Life Coaching.  She believes health is not only about the physical body but also emotional, mental and spiritual.  "In order to have holistic health you need to bring awareness to all four pillars."   

In Heidi you will find a happy, energetic and passionate spirit that keeps her students motivated and her classes upbeat. She focuses her attention on each student, making sure the body is in alignment for every posture. She is thrilled to share her energy while guiding you to find your all around health.  When she's not in the studio she loves studying and listening to all things health, relationships and women's studies.  Come share your love for health and join her in finding a healthier, stronger you.

Jessica Howard, Instructor


Jessica is originally from Colorado but has grown roots here on Oahu over the past 12 years. Having always been physically active, she has found Pilates to be incredibly healing both physically and mentally.  Fully certified in mat and equipment from Body Balance along with pre/post-natal and neuromuscular rehabilatation knowledge, she has years of private and group class-based experience. Dedicating herself to teaching others this method and helping them achieve their goals is her passion. As she get older, she is more and more about finding fulfillment in what she does. She believes to live a life full of passion and joy is the best service of all.


Jami Jones, Instructor


Jami’s Pilates journey began when she started having lower back pain in her early 20’s. She went to multiple doctors and sought out a variety of methods to alleviate the pain with no success. Her mom recommended that she try Pilates and soon after started to feel the positive changes in her body almost immediately after the first week. 

Jami first started teaching Pilates in 2010 at Paragon Jiu-Jitsu gym in Ventura, California. Working mostly with national and international Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes. Soon after she started teaching at local Pilates studios, George Erb Fitness Center and Physical Therapy in Ventura County. Her experience expanded from working with mostly athletes who cross train and work on injury prevention to rehabilitation focused. With over 10 years of practicing pilates and 9 years of Pilates teaching experience, she is accustomed to working with patients of all abilities and needs including professional athletes, injury prevention, physical therapy continuation sessions, rehabilitation, osteopenia, osteoporosis, equestrians, runners, golfers, scoliosis, and the list goes on. 

Over the years Jami has successfully taught all levels of pilates and including specialized sessions/classes for seniors, beginners, athletes using mat and several different apparatus including the reformer, reformer with jump board, cadillac, chair, bosu, trigger point ball, foam roller for myofascial release, TRX and spring board.

For the last 7 years Jami has been working in the business consulting industry and decided in 2018 to pave her own path in consulting, by passionately activating successful systems for fitness businesses and franchises. This includes anything from assisting with instructor performance reviews, instructor and studio communications, recruiting, social media plans and implementation, one on one coaching with general managers and owners, sales and attrition analysis, etc. 

Jami has been involved in all aspects of the pilates industry and is super excited to continue her journey on the beautiful island of Oahu. She truly believes that Pilates is for every body and looks forward to tailoring sessions just for you.  


BASI- Body Arts and Science International Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Certification via Gail DeSart 

Buff Bones Certification in 2014- is a medically-endorsed system of movement for bone and joint health for those that have osteopenia or osteoporosis.

Masters in Organizational Leadership & Bachelors in Psychology


Anne Suphan, Instructor

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Anne grew up in several different states on the mainland until she moved to Hawaii to attend UH. While at UH she studied Travel and Tourism as well as Elementary education, and was a member of the sailing team. She has now lived in Hawaii off and on for the past 18 years. Anne is now a teacher at a local elementary school, but prior to this she had also taught in Australia, Taiwan, and Costa Rica. Anne was first introduced to Pilates in 2016 when she joined Pilates O ka La as a way to exercise after work. She enjoyed Pilates so much that the following year she joined the first instructors’ training led by Pilates O Ka La owner Chelsea Peck. Over the next 2 years Anne worked closely with Chelsea, as well as the other instructors at the studio to learn as much as she could about her new interest. Anne is excited to be a certified instructor in both Pilates Mat as well as Pilates apparatus. Being a Pilates instructor is a perfect fit for Anne since it combines two of her passions: pilates and teaching.

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Cat Keem, Instructor


Cat Keem, born and raised in Honolulu, started off rooted in the arts which eventually led her to find a passion for dance and pursue it professionally. After a decade of performance and teaching, she experienced setbacks due to a herniated disc and hyper-mobile joint issues and decided to redirect her energy in prioritizing her health. Through years of trial and error through many forms of therapy, she was immediately drawn to Pilates for its efficacy and precision, while living in Los Angeles in 2015. Through her practice, she was able to slowly recover from her back injury and maintain her health. As a result, this led her to deepen her understanding and felt a need to share it with others. 

Cat’s goal as an instructor is to empower her clients through tailored sessions involving mindful practice, so that they may find strength, joy and balance in life. She believes that everyone, injury or not, can greatly benefit from the equal emphasis that Pilates places in stretching, strengthening, proper alignment and muscle recruitment to better serve in one's daily lives. 

After having completed her mat and comprehensive training at Pilates O Ka La under the tutelage of Chelsea and Hilary, she is excited to share her knowledge and awareness through Pilates back home on the island. 

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Pilates O Ka Lā Comprehensive Pilates Instructor 450 Hour Certification

Vanessa Brooks, Instructor


 Vanessa Brooks was born and raised in Carlsbad, California, started off as a a professional dancer. Brooks has been teaching dance and movement for 17 years. After having double knee surgery at the end of 2005, Brooks found the positive effects of Pilates and began her Pilates education while attending California State University Long Beach. In the summer of 2006, Vanessa received her Pilates certification through Body Arts and Science International, with an emphasis on Dance Specialization, under the direction of Karen Clippinger. In 2008, Brooks received her Bachelors of the Arts degree in Dance from California State University Long Beach. Brooks is also certified in Piyo by Beachbody, TRX by sculptworks, and teaches Barre classes. She has taught Pilates and fitness at numerous studios and gyms throughout southern California including Frogs Club One, Kore Pilates, Elite Fitness Spas for Women, Pure Fitness, Morgan Run Resort and Spa, Yoga Works, and Crunch Fitness. Brooks has found the passion for helping people regain physical and emotional self-confidence and well-being through Pilates and fitness, and is honored to offer a classes at Pilates O Ka La. 


Bachelors in Dance from California State University Long Beach

Pilates with Dance Specialization through Body Arts and Science International via Karen Clippinger

Piyo through beachbody

TRX through yogaworks/sculptworks

Own created Barre classes


Hillary Brown, Instructor *Currently living off-island, but Co-Teaching the Pilates O Ka La Instructor Certification Program & is available for Privates when on-island

hillary brown

Hillary Brown grew up studying Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Lyrical Dance and was an active youth in the talent and film industry in Salt Lake City Utah.  In 2001 she made Hawaii her home. She first got introduced to Pilates as therapy for a knee injury and feel in love with the method due to all the many principles and philosophies that it shared with dance. 

In 2008, Hillary suffered a major stroke leaving her unable to speak and her right side paralyzed. She again returned to Pilates as therapy where she made leaps and bounds in her recovery over two years. To this day she is still doing her Pilates practice where she is still seeing improvements. She credits a great deal of her miraculous recovery to the Pilates Method. “My doctors told me that I would not be where I am today if I had not been in such good shape before the stroke. I credit that, and my body awareness to Pilates.  Pilates helped me get back into dancing after near death, and to Pilates, I owe my life.”  

Hillary has now completed over 2,100 hour in certification trainings and shares her passion for Pilates with her dance students and clients, in hopes that the method will help others the way it helped her.  She owns and directs her dance and Pilates company The Total You llc, and specializes in classical and contemporary Pilates styles, Scoliosos therapy, Archival Pilates, pre-natal and post natal, Pilates for the active aging adult, Pilates for runners and paddlers, and pain management.


Streamline Body Pilates 1200 hr. Certification in Mat, Reformer, Chair, Cadillac. 

Harmony Pilates &  Physical Therapy 400 hour training in Mat and reformer. 

Special Certificates in Pre and Postnatal, Scoliosis therapy, Pain Management, Pilates for the active aging adult, and Pilates for Teens. 

University of Hawaii Bachelor's in Speech Communication. 

Dance instructor in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical ages 3-adults

hillary brown and jamie lee curtis