Pilates Honolulu, Kahala, Waikiki, Kaimuki, Diamond Head

Intelligent fitness for your soul...


"In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference. In 20, you will see the difference. And in 30, you'll have a whole new body.”     - Joseph Pilates

What we offer:

Workouts will be high-energy/or just the right energy for you, uplifting, centering, and soul-fulfilling.

Private Training…

Train smarter, not harder. Become more efficient in your workout routine. Learn how precise adjustments can completely change your body. Our custom-fit private sessions are tailored to your specific needs. Private Training gives you the opportunity to grow stronger than you ever imagined! Through a customized fitness plan, you will get results faster than in a group setting, so save yourself some time and energy! It is the optimal way to train & the most valuable to your long-term health & fitness. You will be continually challenged, & given 100% personal attention. Private training is helpful for everyone, but especially for clients who need a little extra. Whether you are training for a marathon, recovering from an injury, are expecting a baby, a new mom, or are new to working out – private training is the most efficient way to train!

Sessions are based on the Classical Pilates Method, but are usually taught in a contemporary style that may incorporate yoga, or other fitness methods based on your needs and wants.


NEW CLIENT SPECIALS (1st time clients only!)

Introductory 3 Private Session Package $240



45 Minute Private Session $85

5-Session Series: $413

10-Session Series: $800

We offer a 10% discount for your referrals (see below fmi)...

Duo Sessions…

Bring your girlfriend/boyfriend/mom/dad/sister/brother/friend for a workout together! Nothing’s more fun than having a workout partner. No competition (or maybe just a little), just an uplifting workout created especially for your pairing. 

NEW CLIENT SPECIALS (1st time clients only!):

Introductory 3 Duo Session Package $165/person ($330 total)


45 Minute Duo Session $60/person ($120 total)

5-Session Series: $288/person 

10-Session Series: $550/person

We offer a 10% discount for your referrals (see below fmi)...


Because we appreciate your referrals SO much, we'd like to offer our clients 10% off their next purchase when they refer a friend & their friend makes a purchase! Help us SPREAD THE WORD!! We believe we can change the world, one mind & body at a time, and know you do to!!!


*Please read our studio policies and learn what to expect before your first session.