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Intelligent fitness for your soul...

Private & Duo Sessions...

"In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference. In 20, you will see the difference. And in 30, you'll have a whole new body.”     - Joseph Pilates

What we offer:

Workouts will be high-energy/or just the right energy for you, uplifting, centering, and soul-fulfilling.

Private Training…

Train smarter, not harder. Become more efficient in your workout routine. Learn how precise adjustments can completely change your body. Our custom-fit private sessions are tailored to your specific needs. Private Training gives you the opportunity to grow stronger than you ever imagined! Through a customized fitness plan, you will get results faster than in a group setting, so save yourself some time and energy! It is the optimal way to train & the most valuable to your long-term health & fitness. You will be continually challenged, & given 100% personal attention. Private training is helpful for everyone, but especially for clients who need a little extra. Whether you are training for a marathon, recovering from an injury, are expecting a baby, a new mom, or are new to working out – private training is the most efficient way to train!

Sessions are based on the Classical Pilates Method, but are usually taught in a contemporary style that may incorporate yoga, or other fitness methods based on your needs and wants.


NEW CLIENT SPECIALS (1st time clients only!)

Introductory 3 Private Session Package $255



45 Minute Private Session $90

5-Session Series: $438

10-Session Series: $850

We offer a 10% discount for your referrals (see below fmi)...

Duo Sessions…

Bring your girlfriend/boyfriend/mom/dad/sister/brother/friend for a workout together! Nothing’s more fun than having a workout partner. No competition (or maybe just a little), just an uplifting workout created especially for your pairing. 

NEW CLIENT SPECIALS (1st time clients only!):

Introductory 3 Duo Session Package $177/person ($354 total)



45 Minute Duo Session $64/person ($128 total)

5-Session Series: $307.50/person

10-Session Series: $590/person

We offer a 10% discount for your referrals (see below fmi)...


Because we appreciate your referrals SO much, we'd like to offer our clients 10% off their next purchase when they refer a friend & their friend makes a purchase! Help us SPREAD THE WORD!! We believe we can change the world, one mind & body at a time, and know you do to!!!


*Please read our studio policies and learn what to expect before your first session.