Pilates Honolulu, Kahala, Waikiki, Kaimuki, Diamond Head

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Pilates O Ka La offers several Pilates specialties popular around the world:

Cardio Pilates:

  • A high-energy workout combining the Pilates jump board, & Wunda Chair

Pre-natal & New Mommy Pilates:

  • Pilates is absolutely the best exercise during and after your pregnancy. Your normal Pilates routine can be easily modified, you can relieve pregnancy discomfort, and strengthen your deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles comfortably on the Pilates apparatus.    

Pre-natal Pilates/Yoga Combo Session:       

  • All of your good pre-natal Pilates work with additional deep stretching and breathwork


  • Calm your mind, ease sore/tight muscles, get longer and taller than you ever thought possible. See how opening up helps your posture and your energy.

Pilates/Yoga Combo Session:

  • Hip openers, breathwork, and alignment to benefit both your Yoga and Pilates practice

Pilates for Teens:       

  • Give your teen the opportunity to develop proper body mechanics and prevent injury. 

Sports Conditioning/Cross-training:

  • Pilates is more beneficial than traditional forms of cross-training. It recruits a larger number of muscle groups and strengthens muscles from many angles and in a variety of different ranges of motion. Ultimately, benefiting the athlete with more efficient movement as well as better endurance, speed, flexibility, and quickness.

Pilates O Ka La has an athletic-minded approach, which fosters a health and fitness-oriented environment that attracts athletes. The studio has strong connections to fitness organizations and supports and is involved in the local community. Creating within the studio, an energy like no other.

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